How It Works

It’s simple, let us explain

You understand that Septic Rescue and Septic Tank Maintenance are all-natural, safe, and non toxic.
And you understand that they work – guaranteed – or you get your money back.

But you’re still wondering:
How do Septic Rescue and Septic Tank Maintenance work their magic on my septic system?

What seems like magic is actually microbes – the good kind that you interact with every day. There’s already a living colony of microorganisms in your septic system. Those little guys feast on waste, breaking it down slowly.

Our microbes are specialized to work harder.

One flush carries the special microbes into your septic system.
Here’s what they do:

  • Break down waste fast
  • Destroy odor-causing molecules
  • Turn scum into harmless compounds like carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas, and water
  • Digest sludge buildup at the bottom of the tank

Septic Rescue is a powerful blast of microbes that break down blockages fast.

Septic Tank Maintenance adds a boost of microbes that digest waste to keep your system in good shape. Both are absolutely non-toxic and environmentally friendly, because they’re natural.

It’s that simple!

This revolutionary technology is used in water treatment plants around the world. Now, you can use it in your septic system, too.

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