Septic Rescue will fix a failed septic system

Septic Rescue Will Fix A Failed Septic System Guaranteed

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    Saves You Money

    Septic Rescue Will Fix A Failed Septic System Saving You Hundreds When Compared To Expensive Pump-Outs.

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    Guaranteed To Fix Your Failed Septic System Or Your Money Back!

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    Easy and Fast

    An Easy Three Step Process Will Have Your Failed Septic System Working Immediately!

“Washer drain was slow and would occasionally back up into toilet… Was told drain-field likely was the cause. Treated once with Septic Rescue and results were amazing.”
Eddie from Orlando, FL

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Simple Three Step Process

Easy way to restore your septic tank - step 1
Easy way to restore your septic tank - Step 3

Save Money

Failure to properly maintain your septic system can be an expensive mistake.
Septic Rescue, provides a cost-effective alternative to pump-outs and remediation services or worse, full system replacements.
See how much money you can save by using Septic Rescue today:

Average Septic Replacement Cost

Average Cost for Pump-Out & Remediation Services

Septic Rescue

Need More Info?

  • No pump-out needed, guaranteed, or your money back
  • 100% natural, safe for your family and the environment
  • Could save you thousands in costly repairs or pump-outs
  • Revolutionary technology used in sewage treatment plants
Septic Rescue is powered by BiOWiSH technology that is used in sewage treatment plants around the world. This powerful technology releases natural bacteria and enzymes to rapidly digest organic waste and remove odors at their source.
  • Toilet, drain, sink, shower or bath runs slowly or backs up when flushing or draining
  • Foul odor is emitted in the house, above the septic tank or drainfield, or escape from the vent pipe
  • There is pooling water, muddy soil or sewage above the drainfield or in the basement