We Have Proven Results Through Independent Research

Septic study highlights

In short? Septic Products delivered. Researchers found that BiOWiSH® improved key measures and outperformed competitors.

The study tested different amounts of BiOWiSH® Septic Products, and compared its performance to competing products.

To compare them, scientists tracked Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), and Fats, Oil & Grease (FOG) in the wastewater. Researchers also measured solids and scum layer levels inside the tanks.

High BOD, TSS, and FOG levels cause problems for septic systems.
Researchers found that BiOWiSH® Septic Products generally lowered BOD, TSS, and FOG levels, even more than competing products.

Excerpts from the study

“The purpose of the current study is to expand on the pilot study by adding to the number of evaluation sites and determine the impact of the BiOWiSH™ Septic product on the septic tank and pump tank solids levels, the septic tank and pump tank scum layers, the septic tank and drainfield effluent constituents, and the septic system flow rate.”

“Competitor’s product, applied according to package instructions… did not impact septic tank solids or scum layer levels.”

“The BiOWiSH™ Septic product caused lower wastewater BOD, TSS, and FOG levels than the competitor’s product.”

Septic Research Study

For additional information, read the full study.