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Save hundreds and avoid embarrassing septic pump-out services.

  • Restore failed septic systems
  • Eliminate odor problems
  • 100% money back guarantee

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Customer Reviews

Worked Great, Still Working

I am very happy with this product. I definitely recommend it. It comes with two septic shock treatments and one maintenance package. I will be looking into using this brand’s maintenance product for regular maintenance. This works, and I’m so happy that I found it.

Boulevard, CA

Fantastic Product!

I bought this product because my septic system was backing up into my house. I inquired about getting it pumped, but $500 was out of the question…After 3 weeks, this product has lived up to its guarantee! I will recommend it to others and buy it again if needed!

Long Island, NY

Excellent Customer Support

Septic Rescue seems to have saved me an expensive pump truck visit, and my toilets are flushing normally again.  I am particularly impressed with the high level of concerned customer support that I experienced.

Rosman, NC

What Makes BiOWiSH Septic Products So Different?

When septic systems back up, people are faced with an expensive and embarrassing solution: septic system pumping. BiOWiSH® septic products provide easy, cost effective solutions that allow homeowners to maintain or restore their septic system discretely.

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Save Money

Septic Rescue, provides a cost-effective alternative to pump-outs and remediation services or worse, full system replacements.

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