When To Use

When should I use Septic Rescue?

In a perfect world, you would never have to worry about your septic system. And most of the time, when everything is going right, you don’t.

But sometimes your septic system starts to give you signals that something is wrong. What do you do?

Before Septic Rescue, the only option was a pump out.

Now, you can fix your failing septic system with Septic Rescue.

What are the signs of a failing septic system
  • Your toilet flushes slowly
  • Your sink, shower, or bath drains slowly
  • Your house starts smelling of sewage
  • Water or sewage pools above the drainfield
  • Sewage backs up into your drains or your basement

If that sounds familiar, you could spend $2,000 on a pump out. You could spend $25,000 replacing your whole septic system.
Or you could save your money and get Septic Rescue.

The easy, three step process works fast. Each bag of Septic Rescue has three packets. Here’s how to use them:

Day 1:  At the end of the day, pour the first packet of septic rescue into toilet and flush. You’ll notice odors disappearing within the first day.
Day 7:  One week after the first application, pour the second packet into the toilet and flush.
Day 14:  Two weeks after the first application, pour the final packet into the toilet and flush.

That’s it! Your septic system will go back to normal – guaranteed, or your money back.

To prevent future backups, use our Septic Tank Maintenance once every three months. Don’t want to worry about when to use Septic Tank Maintenance? We’ve got you covered. Sign up for an email reminder here. 

We can’t make the world perfect, but we can fix your septic system so you don’t have to worry about it.