Septic Tank Maintenance

Protect your septic system from future backups and failures

  • Keep your system running

    Breaks down odor, solid waste, paper, fats, oils and grease to keep your system running efficiently

  • Save money

    Eliminate future expenses due to back-ups, pump-outs and system failure

  • Environmentally friendly

    100% biodegradable made of natural compounds and improves quality of discharge into ground and surface water bodies


Customer Review

Saving $1500 Annually!

I used to have my septic tank cleaned out every 6 mos, for $750. I was introduced to BiOWiSH Septic Tank Maintenance system 5 years ago and since, never had to have my septic tank drained again. Saving $1500 annually using this product really made that happen. I highly recommend this product, especially after having done my research on it.

Don Z. 
Home Depot Verified Purchase

The Best!

I have used BiOWiSH Septic Tank Maintenance for several years and it is the best!!!

James B.
Amazon Verified Purchase

Best septic maintenance product on the market.

THIS is the product that you need to be putting down your drains to protect your investment...Thank you for a GREAT product that really truly works and gives me that peace of mind that my system is being protected

Tony E.
Amazon Verified Purchase

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What Makes Septic Tank Maintenance Different?

No one wants to be faced with a septic system backup, it's expensive and embarrassing. Fortunately, maintaining your septic system with Septic Tank Maintenance can eliminate the need for future pump-out services.

As a quarterly maintenance treatment, Septic Tank Maintenance provides a simple cost effective solution ensuring your septic system continues to run smoothly.

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Maintaining your septic system is EASY with Septic Tank Maintenance.

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Need More Info?

  • General Preventative Maintenance
  • Odor Removal
  • Booster for Heavy Loads
  • Booster After Long Periods Of Inactivity