About BiOWiSH Technologies

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Our mission at BiOWiSH Technologies is to harness the power of our core technology for the benefit of mankind and the environment. We develop and manufacture innovative products that provide superior solutions to unmet needs in Environmental Management, Agri-Business, and Consumer Products.

We invest in scientific research, forming partnerships with leading research institutions around the world to explore and develop a variety of commercial applications for our core technology.

We work with best-in-class channel partners to distribute and sell products in over 30 countries worldwide.

BiOWiSH Technologies products increase the efficiency of natural biological processes in food production, environmental management, and human and pet health. They work by leveraging multiple biological pathways to enhance crop yields, boost animal production, improve water quality, and promote better health in both humans and pets.

BiOWiSH Technologies products are made entirely in the US. Product formulas are comprised of proprietary non-GMO naturally occurring organisms and their metabolites, which are produced under tightly controlled fermentation conditions. These conditions induce an epigenetic shift in the organisms resulting in the expression of specific phenotypic attributes, such as increased stability and catalyst production, generating significant performance across a broad range of application conditions. Our robust products are designed to be simple to apply with current management and delivery systems already being used in industry. BiOWiSH Technologies products provide a level of performance and sustainability unmatched in value for our customers.