Why Using BiOWiSH Septic Products Will Make Mother Earth Cry Tears of Joy

We all want to do our share to keep our earth clean, but it can be hard to know how to start. Is it possible to help save the environment with just one flush?

If you’re using BiOWiSH products for your septic system, the answer is yes.

Preserving the earth’s water resources is one of the most important ways we can take care of it. Our products make it easy to do your part.

Read on to learn about how BiOWiSH works to fight nutrient pollution, an environmental problem around the globe.

What is nutrient pollution?

Nutrients sound like a good thing, but a buildup of nutrients is disastrous for our waterways.

Nutrient pollution refers to an excess of nutrients, usually nitrogen and phosphorus, collecting in surface waters like lakes, streams, and ponds. According to the EPA, it’s one of the “most widespread, costly and challenging environmental problems.”

Nutrient pollution is so widespread because it impacts all types of water bodies. Pollutants enter streams and creeks, which carry them to lakes and rivers. When contaminated waters reach the ocean, they bring nutrient pollution there, too. A buildup of nitrogen and phosphorus is a threat to water resources around the world.

You might be wondering what that has to do with your septic system. Let me explain.

Septic Drain FieldAll septic systems release wastewater into the environment. Wastewater travels down the drain when you flush, and then it collects in your septic tank. Bacteria living in the tank break down the waste and treat the water. Each time you flush, the new water pushes some of the treated water into the drain field. There, the soil helps filter the water further.

This water contains some nitrogen and phosphorus, even if your septic tank is in tip top shape.

If your septic system is not maintained properly, though, wastewater gets pushed out too quickly. It doesn’t sit long enough for the bacteria to break down the organic material and nutrients. When wastewater leaks out into the soil, it brings a lot of nutrients with it. The polluted water flows into neighboring bodies of water or underground reservoirs.

In fact, failing septic tanks are one of the primary sources of nutrient pollution, according to the EPA. Once wastewater leaks out of the tank, it can cause major problems for the environment. Just look at the cautionary tale of the Indian River Lagoon.

What happens when a waterway falls victim to nutrient pollution?

Extra nutrients in the water feed aquatic plants, which causes excess growth that wreaks havoc on the ecosystem. That’s why the most common consequence of nutrient pollution is algae blooms. Algae blooms pose health risks for animals and people, too.

Some algae release harmful toxins into the water. Skin contact with these toxins is enough to cause a rash or irritation, so it becomes dangerous for people to use local lakes for recreation. These same toxins can hurt or kill fish and other aquatic wildlife.

When algae blooms happen in lakes that people depend on for drinking water, they threaten people’s health and safety. Algae can physically clog the pipes of water treatment facilities, making it impossible to improve water quality. If toxin levels get high enough, they can pass on to the water supply.

That’s exactly what happened in 2014 north of BiOWiSH headquarters. 

Almost half a million people in and around Toledo, Ohio had poisonous water in their pipes. Lake Erie, their source of drinking water, was gripped by a massive algal bloom that made water unsafe to drink or even bathe in.

Safe water was eventually restored to Toledo, but algae blooms continue to be a problem for Lake Erie and the risk remains. Fighting nutrient pollution is key to stopping algae blooms from getting bigger and contaminating more drinking water.

As these massive blooms die off, they cause more destruction. The bacteria that decompose the dead vegetation in the water require a lot of oxygen. The more vegetation that needs to be broken down, the more oxygen they use up. This is bad news for other life forms in the water. Bacteria suck up as much of the dissolved oxygen from the water as they can, leaving little left for other animals.

Waters become hypoxic, which means there isn’t enough oxygen to support life. Fish kills and massive dead zones result.

You can see the devastating effects in the Gulf of Mexico. The massive dead zone there costs the tourism and seafood industries $82 million a year. The Chesapeake Bay is also plagued by a dead zone that spanned 1.6 cubic miles in 2016.

The only way to defeat the algae blooms that threaten our waterways is to fight nutrient pollution. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

What can you do?

All you have to do is open the bag, pour it into the toilet, and flush – our microorganisms do the rest. Our septic products deliver a powerful combination of microorganisms that naturally break down nutrients that would otherwise pollute the earth.

In fact, our septic products are special because of the way they handle nitrogen, a huge contributor to nutrient pollution. While some products rely on microbes that only work in very limited conditions, our microorganisms break down nitrogen in a broad range of real life conditions.

Septic Rescue and Septic Tank Maintenance PackagingEven better – our products are 100% non-toxic and safe because they are inspired by nature.

Without the use of harsh chemicals, Septic Tank Maintenance and Septic Rescue speed up the natural biological processes that break down nutrients. Because they rapidly digest organic matter, our septic products reduce solids and sludge buildup in systems.

That means a fully functioning septic system that allows nutrients to break down in the tank. And they break down quickly, with the help of Septic Tank Maintenance, so that the water released has less organic matter.

Lower nutrient levels in the water from your septic tank is a good thing – it’s enough to make mother earth cry tears of joy!

It’s not just the earth that wins with our septic products. Septic Rescue is guaranteed to save your failing system, or you get your money back. Septic Tank Maintenance can eliminate the need for pump-outs altogether. Because our septic products save you money and hassle in the long run, you might cry tears of joy, too! Learn more about them here.

Our technology helps water treatment plants meet environmental standards around the world. You can use the same technology at home to fight water pollution – and keep your system running smoothly.

Buy Septic Tank Maintenance now to prevent backups and protect the environment.

Mother earth and your local waterways will thank you.